Monday, March 7, 2011

Reference Reef

The Reference Interview
Alternate PDF of Good Reference Behavior.

On to the Hunt...
Record the requested information on the form.
  1. How should you answer a reference question (or any request from a customer or co-worker)? Please list your answer in priority order: or yer'll be keelhauled
  2. List the five phases of the reference interview. Please list your answer in chronological order: 'less ye like the feel o' the cat on yer back
  3. In which phase or phases of the reference interview is it helpful to use a close ended question?
  1. What are the MUSTIE Guidelines?
              M is for _________________
              U is for _________________
              S is for _________________
              T is for _________________
              I is for _________________
              E is for _________________

An' if yer fowled mouthed answer has any thing te do wid the captin, yer grog ration'll be cut off

Ready Reference                 Now fer some real digginn'
Resource:  HCPL maintains a collection of ready reference websites.
  1. Using one of websites find a site that contains key facts and statistics on countries of the world. Paste its URL on the form.
  2. What is the capital of the Kyrgyzstan (the Kyrgyz Republic or Kyrgyz Respublikasy) and what is (are) its official language(s)?
Resource: Harriet.
Library transactions are confidential. The reference interview should be conducted as discreetly and quietly as possible to preserve confidentiality. Staff must not discuss a customer's questions or reading habits except in the course of conducting library business. Hint: We be lookin' fer a procedure here, not ye policy!
  1. What’s the proper way to respond to a police officer who says that she’s found an HCPL book at a crime scene and wants to know who checked it out?  Find the procedure, read it carefully, and paste the URL on the form.
  2. Whose responsibility is it to review the form of a subpoena for any legal defect?
    Don't get smart wid t' law. Capt.Kidd was hung at the Execution Dock before being drowned under three tides then his body was left suspended at Tilbury Point near the entrance to the Thames as a warrrrrrrnin.' Ye could see his rottin' corpse swinging from the gibbet fer years.

    Resource: ILL Policy
    1. What library materials cannot be obtained through ILL services?
      1. books
      2. eBooks
      3. videos
      4. photocopies
    2. What is the maximum number of interlibrary loan requests and loans that a customer can have at one given time?
    3. What happens if a customer's pet squirrel chews the cover off a book belonging to another library?
    What scurvy swab let that rodent aboard ship??!!!

    Request for Reconsideration
    If a customer has a complaint about materials in the library's collection they can request that the material be reconsidered.
    1. Where do you find a “Request for Reconsideration of Material form” to give to the customer to fill out? Please paste the URL.
    Tell 'em t' go ask Davey Jones! Har! Har! Har!   Arrrrrrrr!

    Congratulations! Searching for the answers to these exercises and submitting the form has earned you the Reference Key to the Treasure Chest!


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