All staff members found in the HCPL seas can use the Webmail known as SquirrelMail. It allows accessibility to email from any location, even outside the system, and keeps everything central for support and backup purposes. SquirrelMail offers a calendar option for important pillaging dates, an option to add contacts, and has a help file built-in. You have options about how you want your messages to be displayed when sent or received, and how you want them to be stored.

On to the Hunt...
If ye want a precious key, six tasks to complete there be. Record your entries using the form. Follow the instructions on the form (and in Question 6) to submit.
  1. Email Help
    Hunt for  the “Help” link in SquirrelMail. Search through the Table of Contents until you find a nugget of information that is new to you and could help in the future. What is that nugget?
  2.  Address Book
    All email users have pirates to whom they email regularly. It is useful to have the email addresses of these pirates on file so that they don't have to be re-typed every time you want to send them a message. 
    1. There be five pieces of information you can enter for each listing in your address book. What are they?
    2. In your Addresses, you can organize your contacts by four different categories.  What are they?
  3. Folders
    If you are stowing away some emails for future adventures, it is good practice to create some folders for them, rather than just let everything accumulate in your inbox. For example, anything that has to do with the loot you collected could go into a "Booty" folder.
    1. Create a new folder and then tell the tale of how it was done.
    2. Bury some email items into this folder. Describe how you did that.
  4. Trash
    Each buccaneer has a fixed amount of storage space allotted to them in the HCPL coffers for saving important emails. If this amount is exceeded, your account will be temporarily shipwrecked.
    1. On the form, note what percentage of your storage you are using. It is also known as 'Quota Usage.'
    2. When you make an email that is no longer needed walk the plank, it moves to a Trash folder. Depending on the settings of your account, it may stay in the Trash folder unless you actively empty it. Trash folder can eat up your storage allotment, so you should develop a habit of emptying it regularly or adjusting your settings so that it is automatically emptied each time you log out. Empty the Trash, and list the steps you followed to do it. How much of your storage are you using now?
  5. Searching
    The parts you
    can search have
    already been revealed.
    You’ve jettisoned what you could and are still fat with emails. Be not afraid. SquirrelMail has a box that permits one to enter a search term so you can find a specific e-mail. What you type will display results related to your search. Think of it as a spyglass. You are able to locate a single message out of sea of emails.
    1. Just like there are six ways to tame a parrot, there are six parts of each email where one can choose to look when hunting for specific words or phrases. What are they?
    2. Search for the word "treasure" in the subject lines of your emails. How many messages appear? Now search for "treasure" in any part of your emails. Do you find more messages?
  6. Attachments
    An attachment is a file or photo that you want to send along with an e-mail message. Click on "Compose" to start a new message. Then the basic steps for adding an attachment are to click on the “Browse” link. Find the file(s) to select and then finalizing your selection by clicking "Add". You may have to scroll down the page until you see these links below your message.

    To complete this module, create an email message and send it to the pirate council known as The League of Intrepid Travelers (ahoylit@gmail.com). In your message register your official pirate name that all will fear. In addition attach the form to complete your registration. 
That be it for this part of the hunt, matey! The Email key to the Treasure Chest is now in your pocket. Click here to return Home.

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