Monday, February 14, 2011

Website Wetlands

The website is our main communication outside library walls with our customers.  With a 26 branch system, you know it covers a lot of information.  On this hunt, you’ll be finding some hidden gems, but let’s go over the general map of the area first before you hunt down your treasure key.  You have three main navigation areas: the Primary Tabs, the Secondary Links, and the left hand side Navigation box.  In addition you have some quick link images such as the Teens Know on the lower right hand side.

And just below decks …

The Primary Tabs include About, Locations, Books, Movies, Audio, Websites, Databases, Español, Kids, and Teens. 
  • What is About about? Policies, services, and some of the general questions customers might have about our library system.
  • Location, Location, Location? -  If you want to know who is nearby, when their hours are, or hunt down a branch, this is the tab for you.
  • Books! - From genre to clubs and author biographies (called interviews) as well, this tab has the information on getting titles from other systems and suggestion forms on getting titles added to ours. 
  • Movies and Audio Tabs – what’s new and being talked about in movies and TV.
  • Websites – convenient links to great websites.
  • Databases – what we have in databases as well as print periodical (magazine) holdings.
  • Español – find the policies, catalog, and Spanish literature information here.
  • Kids – blog and links to the Kids website with information, games, and resources for those just exploring reading and links parents and teachers can use such as story time themes.
  • Teens – there’s a lot going on in teens’ lives and there’s a lot on this page, too, to help with everything from school now and in the future to life struggles.
  • Searching – and if you don’t know exactly where it is, put your keywords in that handy Search this Site box on the blue bar on the right, and the site will hunt down what you’re wanting to find.
Take it from the Topsail
  • Catalog – you’ll find out more when searching for another key!
  • My Account/Renew - that you will explore in another hunt.
  • Events Calendar – a searchable tool to find out what’s happening at each branch
  • New Titles – lists of not only what’s new but what’s requested the most and what title checked out oftenest.
  • Ask a Librarian  - when an emailed question will do.
  • Chat – when you have to have an answer now, but it may not be from one of our staff as this service is covered by a nationwide system.
  • Jobs, ADA Info, Toolbar, and Help finish out the list
Port Side  Navigation (Left Hand Side For Ye Landlubbers)
Here there are direct links to information about Meeting Rooms, links to staff who post to the website through blogs, as well as Frequently Asked Questions.

Batten down your hatches!  The hunt is on!
Record your entries using the form on Harriet.  Be sure to submit when you are done.  
  1. Storytime Database
    1. How many books are listed in the Asia story time?  
    2. Who created that story time database theme?  
    3. What is the newest story time database theme?
  2. What are the subject tabs listed on the Teens Know: Life page? 
  3. List all branches that carry the print copy of Texas Observer magazine.
  4.      a. What branches provide event type Baby Time on Wednesday?
    1. Find a Book Sale going on in the month of October. Which branch(es) has one and what date(s) is it on?
  5. Meeting Room Policy
    1. Which branch has a different Meeting Room policy from the others? 
    2. Besides the Meeting Room Policy shortcut link, under which Primary Tab would you find this information?
  6. Outline the steps for three ways to reach Interlibrary Loan information from the front page.
Congratulations! Searching for the answers to these exercises and submitting the form has earned you the Website key to the Treasure Chest!

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