Monday, February 7, 2011

Circulation Cove

So, back agin, are ye? 'Bout time that you scurvy scallywags drug yer sorry keesters outa th' ship' t' have ye another grand great adventuaaarrr!

Wildcard Harry's not wantin'  t' keelhaul ye f'r gettin inter th' grog behind his back! So git on with yer huntin' to find out how yer mates keep track a' yer books and whose got'em.

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Circulation Treasure Hunt
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See Circulation Policies
On to the Hunt...
Record your entries using the form on Harriet.  Be sure to submit when you are done.  

Note: Admin staff on county computers will need to use a non-county computer for Horizon exercises.  The computers in the training lab can be used.
  1. List 5 HCPL Btypes and what they stand for. 
  2. Acceptable Identification and Who May Register
    1. Name 3 types of identification that can be used to get a library card.
    2. What is the definition of Head of Household?
    3. Name the 3 exceptions to regular borrowing privileges that are placed on Visitor Cards.
    4. Do we have to see proof that a child is an emancipated minor?
    5. Name the circumstances under which a child would be allowed to have more than one library account.
  3. Reciprocal Borrowing
    1. Do customers at all HCPL locations have access to Lone Star College (LSC) materials?  
    2. Customers from which 3 HCPL Locations also have access to Montgomery County Memorial Library System  (MCMLS) Materials? 
  4. In Horizon, look up the account for the patron named Daisy Mae Duck.
    1. What is Daisy's library card number?
    2. What is Daisy's address?
    3. What is her phone number?
    4. At what branch did she apply for her library card?

      On Daisy's account search for the following information:
    5. How many times has she checked out?
    6. On what date did she last check out?
    7. What books does she have on request?
    8. Search Daisy's payment history back to her registration date.  What is the highest payment amount waived from her account?

Congratulations! Searching for the answers to these exercises and submitting the form has earned you the Circulation key to the Treasure Chest!

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